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Notice Regarding Department of Education Student Loan Accounts
Please be advised that Student Account Management Services is no longer servicing Department of Education Student Loan Accounts. For information on your Department of Education Student Loan, please call the default resolution group with Department of Education directly at 1-800-621-3115.



Over 100 years of experience & expertise
in both private and federal student loans
About Us


Student Accounts Management Services (SAMS) was founded in 2013 to provide a consultative and mentoring approach to students for their Title IV student loans.
SAMS is a Woman Owned Small Business (Certified WBENC #WBE1800043) that provides Collection Services for both Private and Federal Title IV Student Loans.
In addition to being a WOSB, SAMS is also a certified HUBZone Small Business (HUBZone #59691) with our primary operating center located at 2611 F St, Bakersfield, CA 93301.
Our Experience


The management of SAMS have a combined 100 years of expertise in all aspects of both Private and Federal Student Loans.
Experience Specific to the ARM Industry: The principals of SAMS have spent their entire careers in the Credit & Collection Industry. Collectively, the senior leadership of the company have a combined 100 years’ experience providing best in class performance and service.
The executive team has successfully established Collection Programs for:
• Department of Education (FFEL and Direct Loans)
• SallieMae / Navient
• USA Funds
• Florida Department of Education     
• Georgia Student Finance Commission
• Great Lakes Higher  Education Corporation
• North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority
• Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency
• Oklahoma College Assistance Program
• Texas Guarantee
• Numerous Colleges and Universities


At SAMS, our focus is student loans.
We provide collection services for both private and defaulted Title IV student loans and have over 100 years of executive experience focused on providing best in class performance and service.


Our team and our combined experience in student loans are by far our greatest asset. However, SAMS has made substantial investments in our systems, network infrastructure, and in data security.
Details about our systems, security and operating platform are available, upon request. Please fill out our contact form to schedule a call to discuss your needs.
Our Approach


The Company uses a mentoring approach communicating to students through the use of phone and digital contacts with a team of experienced live agents, and predictive analytics that establishes risk profiles.
Our predictive modeling and analytics establish risk profiles that are combined with sophisticated scoring methods. This platform enables SAMS to produce industry-leading performance as it relates to Default Aversion and Collection Services.  
Our collection methodology is based on the Collector Prioritization Engine (CPE) and the Recovery Model from TransUnion. CPE is a batch process of 180 predefined characteristics that we run against new placement files to help identify consumers with the greatest propensity to pay. We have the ability to configure the recovery model based on the type of accounts that we collect. Therefore, we are able to configure the way in which we segment accounts to accommodate any client-unique requirements.
 SAMS also offers advanced skip-tracing and methodologies to locate consumers, including batch processing with the following tools and systems: Accurint, TLO, LexisNexis & Transunion.  
The information that we uncover in our data scrubs and skip-tracing searches are automatically recorded on the account. Each collector has the ability to perform skip-tracing activities to ensure that every opportunity to contact the consumer is made.  
SAMS prefers a dedicated group of collectors working a combination of ownership and pool queues. Placement methodology in our operating platform enables us to assign accounts to pool queues, dialer campaigns or individual collector’s desks based on score, balance, last contact date, times worked and demographic information. Strategies are implemented based on the level of placement and additional factors such as type and age of paper.
Compliance & Licensure


SAMS has robust procedures and policies in place to ensure regulatory compliance (FDCPA, UDAAP, TCPA, GBLA, etc.) is monitored through monthly collector quality assurance sessions and internal self-auditing.
We also have a robust CMS solution that creates a repository that houses all recordings, documents, responses and where SAMS is in the resolution process. This repository enables SAMS to control, report and track all functions related to compliance, whether it be Federal Regulations, State-specific requirements or Client covenants.
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA):

California Consumers Right to Know About Personal Information Collected, Disclosed, or Sold: California Consumers have a right to request that SAMS disclose what personal information we collect, use, disclose or sell. Note: We do not and will not sell consumers’ personal information. For more information relating to California Consumers Right To Know About Personal Information, please click here: SAMS California Consumer Privacy Act
As a California-based Women-Owned Small Business, Student Account Management Services (SAMS) is bonded & licensed in the State of California with our headquarters located in a HUBZone Small Business (HUBZone).
SAMS is a nationwide collection agency with all of the necessary licenses and bonds to collect in all 50 states.


Contact Us
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For information on your Department of Education Student Loan, please call the

default resolution group with Department of Education directly at 1-800-621-3115

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